slam cam films
Security (abctv)
Security clip 1
Security clip 2
Stingers (CH 9)
Stingers clip 1
Stingers clip 2
Stingers clip 3
All Saints (ATN 7)
All Saints clip 1
All Saints clip 2
All Saints clip 3
Shock Jock (TV1)
Shock Jock
Fallen Angels (abctv)
Fallen Angels


Scott Patterson has directed episodes for popular television series such as All Saints, Shock Jock, Fallen Angels and Stingers.

Scott also directed an episode of Close Ups, a six-part series of thirty-minute television monologues commissioned by the ABC. Featuring Ben Mendelsohn as 'Biz', in the episode 'Secuirity', it received excellent reviews and won an AWG Award for Best Original Television Screenplay in 1997.


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