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Scott has a talent for bringing out the best in other people, namely the talent he directs.

Whether it be sports stars, television stars, movie stars, kids or just real people, he nurtures them so their performances are believable and convincing. You walk away thinking that they were 'born to play that role'.

That is why he has worked with people like Ben Mendelsohn, Richard Roxburgh, Garry McDonald, Libby Tanner and Tina Turner.

Scott goes about his work quietly and confidently, always with an eye to achieving the desired results for his clients.

He also has talent for bringing out the best in a script or an idea. He understands advertising and making commercials as thoroughly as he understands film.

Scott was an accomplished editor before turning his hand to direction and still edits much of his own work. He is also adept at utilising the latest 3D special effects where required.

From the hugely successful Tina Turner campaign to the Rugby League commercials of today, a series of short films that have screened at the Cannes, Venice and New York as well as several feature films and many of Australia's best loved television shows, Scott has an enviable body of highly regarded work.

He would like to add yours to it.

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NRL Fan Nation Coach
NRL 2013 Launch
NRL 2012 Launch
Pepsi Max “Cash or Car”
NRL State Of Origin
NRL All Stars
NRL Heritage


Since 2005, Slamcam Films has produced and packaged the television advertising campaigns for the National Rugby League. These television campaigns have involved implementing the latest 3D special effects. The game of Rugby League has been portrayed being played in the 'streets' of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and lately even in a gladiatorial coliseum. The final results have showcased the toughness of the game and been visually impressive.